Drone Surveillance

Using a non-scanning Radar
Drone Surveillance
Event Info:
  • 30th March, 2018
  • 04:00pm to 05:00pm
  • SEECS Seminar Hall
  • Dr. Mohmammed Jahangir


Ground radar provides a persistence all-weather wide area stand-off surveillance sensor for air targets. However, drones are particularly difficult to detect with conventional scanning radars. These targets have a small RCS, operate over shorter distances, have slower speeds, lower altitudes and more variability in position, all acting collectively to make drone detection much more challenging.

Aveillant has developed a novel staring radar system that is able to detect and track small commercial drones out to a range of 5km. A 2-D array provides 3-D positional information whilst ‘staring’ enables longer coherent integration times and thus very fine micro-Doppler resolution. In turn, this provides for better detection and discrimination of slow-moving drones against stationary clutter and ground targets. This talk will give an overview of the radar system and its processing and discuss results from live trials. It will conclude with outlining the developments being carried out to provide a comprehensive radar surveillance systems for drones.


Dr. Mohmammed Jahangir is the lead Algorithm Designer at one of Thales companies developing radar applications based on their unique and patented Holographic Radar. He graduated from Imperial College in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and obtained his Ph.D. in radar signal processing from University College London. He has well over two decades experience of working on many aspects of surveillance systems for both defense and the civil sector. He has widely collaborative with academia and industry in his pursuit to drive innovation in radar surveillance techniques. His current focus is on multi-function radar that harnesses persistent well to track difficult targets in complex clutter environment and is a world expert on utilizing staring radar for drone surveillance. He has several patents and published over 40 journal and conference papers. He is an IET Chartership professional registration assessor and interviewer and also an active STEM ambassador.


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16:00 - 17:00 SEECS Seminar Hall Seminar - Drone Surveillance using non-scanning Radar