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Unconstrained handwriting recognition

Handwriting Recognition

Recognizing unconstrained handwriting is a complex problem. Variations between writers, overlapping words, changing skew, changing slant and other properties lead to bad recognition rates on models designed for printed text. We are working on better recognition rates using the context aware properties of Bi-LSTM after extracting multiple features from the training data.

  • Dr. Faisal Shafait
  • Muhammad Ferjad Naeem
  • Tooba Imtiaz

FPGA Based Video Processing


FPGAs are great fits for video and image processing applications, capable of performing computations at significantly faster rates than GPUs. The object of this project is to implement image processing and machine learning algorithms on FPGAs to be used independently in the hardware.

  • Dr. Faisal Shafait
  • Mohsin Ghaffar
  • Nauman Mustafa
  • Amna Masood
  • Zainab Tareen


Data Monitoring and Analysis

The objective of this project is to develop intelligent tools for real-time monitoring and analysis of SDN log data. The proposed system will ideally enable PROACTIVE monitoring of SDN infrastructure by leveraging state-of-the-art techniques in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing.

  • Dr. Faisal Shafait
  • Ahad Mahmood
  • Muhammad Moazzam Khan
  • Rana Awais

Business Analytics for Industrial IOT using LoRa Mesh (BA-iLM)

Data Acquisition

Business Analytics for Industrial IOT using LoRa Mesh (BA-iLM) is a funded project by Unilever which uses LoRa Technology and Sensor Networks for data acquisition from different parts of Unilever's Wall's Factory. Data gathered from the factory is then integrated and analysed using concepts of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing in order to produce better visualizations and reports to facilitate better decision-making.

  • Dr. Faisal Shafait
  • Syed Ahmed Hussain Naqvi

Underwater Imaging for Fish Fauna Estimation

Visual Similarity

This project aims at developing a non-invasive software system to detect and calculate the statistics of fish species in open waters of Pakistan. This software will be aided by a hardware that will help us in collecting fish data. This hardware will be developed to record video data of underwater environment containing fish species under observation.

  • Dr. Faisal Shafait
  • Abdul Hannan Khan
  • Amal Mubashir

Cargar: The Next Generation Motorbike Taxi

Taxi Booking

To create Pakistan's first and only motorbike taxi hailing application. To incorporate cutting edge features like speech recognition and understanding and build a great user experience.

  • Dr. Faisal Shafait
  • AMudassir Ahmed Khan